Effective and efficient resolution of mortgage disputes.


Residential Mortgage Mediation (RMM)
in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court

American Arbitration Association (AAA) are working together to offer a Residential Mortgage Mediation Program for Homeowners and Lenders in the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Our program is conducted in accordance with Administrative Order No.: 2016-5.1 issued by Chief Judge Charles E. Williams.

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Residential Mortgage Mediation (RMM) Program, Brochure

AAA Solutions and Mediation Systems Design for Mortgage Foreclosure Disputes

In addition to the Residential Mortgage Mediation (RMM) Program in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court, the AAA offers residential mortgage foreclosure mediation systems design for Government Agencies, Courts and Lenders & Servicers, as well as mediation and arbitration of commercial mortgage disputes.